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Are you looking for practical support to help you grow and create your success in this fast-paced, hyper competitive world?

JAPA.RUN is a platform dedicated to helping you grow and achieve your goals. At JAPA.RUN, you'll gain access to a range of videos and stories from people who have faced challenges and realized their dreams, similar to yours. Thinking and dreaming of starting your business, or making your next move?

  • JAPA.RUN’s vibrant communities will serve as your trusted guide, sharing the path to success.
  • JAPA.RUN will grow into a platform brimming with passion, energy, and ideas, that will result in a better, stronger, and progressive Africa.
  • JAPA.RUN is committed to your learning and growth.

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Tope Omidiji
Founder and Chief Problem Solver

We are solving the problem of running away from our challenges.

Making it easy for Africans at home and abroad to grow and have a better human experience through storytelling and connecting to candid online communities.

JAPA.RUN empowers you with ideas, resources and communities to help you take charge of your journey. Create your own community, or join an existing one.
Learn, share, grow together at JAPA.RUN

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